Allergy kits

Purchase your personalized allergy test kit

We offer two patch kits below. We ship them to your house. Apply the patch to your back. Take a photo one day later, and we will send your results. Easy peasy!

Recommended (80+ allergens tested)


Basic testing (30 metals Tested)

Metal panel

Safe and easy

Our doctor-approved allergy test kits are shipped to your front door. Simply apply the patch to your back, wait 48 hours before removing, and upload a photo of your back to the app at the 48 hour and 72 hour mark.

Fast results

We will send your detailed results back within 24 hours. We never share your data with anyone other than you.

Go-forward guidance

We personalize an actionable plan for you to help avoid common products that might be causing your allergies.

We look forward to helping you identify and tame your contact allergies.