Metal Test

An allergy patch kit for dermatitis is a natural, non-invasive way to treat the irritating skin condition. Allergy patch kits use small adhesive patches filled with tiny amounts of allergens and applied directly to the affected area.


30+ allergens home test



Here’s what to expect next:

  1.  Patch arrives at your doorstep in 24 hours
  2. Put the adhesive patch on your back
  3. Remove patch and take photos at 48 & 72 hours
  4. Upload photos to your Patchable user account
  5. We send you a full report on what you’re allergic to

Allergens Tested

Item Description Examples of Products
Aluminum hydroxide Lightweight metal Used in a variety of industries and consumer goods including construction, transportation, packaging, electronics, and aerospace
Ammonium heptamolybdate Inorganic compound used in analytical chemistry Chemical reagent and fertilizer.
Ammonium tetrachloroplatinate Inorganic compound used in chemical synthesis Catalyst in chemical reactions and in platinum production.
Benzoyl peroxide Organic compound used in acne treatment Acne treatment products, hair bleach, and teeth whitening products.
Bisphenol A Polymer used in epoxy coatings, adhesives, and plastics Polycarbonate plastics, epoxy resins, and dental fillings
Cobalt (II) chloride hexahydrate Metal Used in the production of batteries, magnets, pigments, cutting tools, and superalloys for aerospace components. Also used as a catalyst in various industrial processes
Copper sulphate Metal Electrical wiring and other electronics, plumbing/piping, roofing, cookware, coins, jewlery, certain industrial machinery, and as an antimicrobial agent in some products
Epoxy resin Synthetic polymer used in adhesives and coatings Adhesives, coatings, and composite materials
Ethyl cyanoacrylate Organic compound used in instant adhesives Nail glue, industrial adhesive and superglue
Gentamicin sulphate Antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections Injection and ointment formulations for skin and eye infections
Gold sodium thiosulfoaurate A dense, soft, yellow metal prized for its beauty and rarity. Jewelry, electronics, medical devices, currency, awards and trophies, and some aerospace components
Hydroquinone Organic compound used in skin lightening Skin lightening creams and lotions
Indium (III) chloride Metal Semiconductor materials and transparent conductive coatings
Manganese chloride Metal Industrial processes, dietary supplement, as a laboratory reagent, and as a pigment for ceramics
Methyl methacrylate A monomer used in the production of plastics and other materials Dental prosthetics, contact lenses, medical implants
N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine Organic compound used as a catalyst and reagent Catalyst in polymerization reactions and as a reagent in analytical chemistry
Nickel sulphate hexahydrate Metal A common component of stainless steel, batteries, coins. Used in various medical implants. Also used in elecronics and as a plating on other metal parts
Niobium (V) chloride Metal Catalyst in organic reactions and as a precursor to niobium compounds. Used in superocnducting magnets for MRI machines and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. Coating for glass lenses to increase scratch resistance.
Palladium chloride Metal Found in dental crowns and bridges, jewelry, electrical contacts, and as a catlyst for organic synthesis.
Polyethylene glycol ointment Ointment base used for skin moisturization Topical ointments and creams for various skin conditions
Potassium dichromate Metal better known as “Chrome” Chrome is found in many products including automotive parts, household fixtures, toold, furniture, motorcycle and bicycles, sports equipment such as golf clubs and baseball bats, and aerospace components
Tantalum Metal used in electronic components Used in electronics and chemical processing. Found in medical devices such as dental implants, pacemakers, and bone repair implants. Also a component of automobiles, jewlery, and aerospace products
Tin (II) chloride Metal used in alloys and coating Tin cans, solder, alloys, coatings, dental materials, glass coatings
Titanium Metal Aerospace components, medical implants, sports equipment
Tobramycin Antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections Injection and ointment formulations for various bacterial infections
Vanadium pentoxide Metal Used in medical implants, steel production, batteries, aerospace products and in certain chemical processes
Wolfram (tungsten) Metal Filament in incandescent light bulbs, electrical contacts. Also used as an alloy in the creation of steel.
Zinc chloride Metal Flux for soldering, wood preservation, textile processing, and in the production of batteries, pigments, and other chemicals. Also found in some supplements and sunscreens
Zirconium (IV) oxide Metal Ceramic materials, dental crowns, and coatings for metals